Can I choose my own tree?

Yes, as well as buying online, we have Christmas trees for sale in our pop up stores where you can visit to pick your own real tree. 

How wide will the girth of my Christmas tree be at the widest point?

The general rule is that the girth at the widest point of most Christmas trees is a little less than half its height. For example, a 6ft Christmas tree is approximately 2.9ft at it’s widest point. 

I have a promotional offer code. How do I use it?

You can enter any promtional codes at checkout. 

What size trees do you sell?

3ft – 12ft. For trees over 12ft please contact us directly.  

Do Boutique Christmas Trees do wholesale Christmas Trees?

Yes we do. Please contact us directly or call us on 058 508 7445  

What size Christmas tree stand do I need for my Tree?

Medium cinco stand – ideal for 5-7ft Christmas trees, dimensions: 5.5inch x 14.5inch, capacity: 4 litres. 

When are your Christmas stores open?

The pop up Christmas stores will open up in the last two weekends of November and then every day in December until the 23rd December. Opening dates and hours will vary so please check before visiting 

How do you keep the trees fresh on their journey?

Our supplier is highly experienced in importing freshly cut trees into the UAE, and the trees will be travelling in refrigerated containers and stored in refrigerated trucks in the UAE – all of which prolongs the life of your tree for the duration of the festive season. 

When will my tree be delivered?

We have two main delivery dates. 2nd – 4th December and the 9th – 11th December. 

Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Trees are similar to cut flowers. They have a remarkable ability to absorb water by capillary action through their bark. Cut flowers behave in a similar way by drawing water up through their stems. 

Prepare the Christmas tree trunk?

We do this to all our real trees so you don’t have to! Just before you install your Christmas tree, saw off the bottom 1” (3cm) of the trunk. This creates a fresh cut and opens up the pores in the bark, which otherwise can block up with sap within a few hours of being cut. The real tree is then able to drink water through these pores via capillary action. 

They need routine?

Do not expose your Christmas tree to sudden changes in temperature. Trees like most people are creatures of habit and prefer steady conditions. 

Keep it away from any heat source?

Position your Christmas tree away from any heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces. If possible keep it away from direct sunlight. Heat dries out your real Christmas tree faster, so the further away from potentially damaging heat sources the better, and the fresher your tree will remain. 

Water your Real Christmas tree?

Place your fresh tree in plain water – not soil or sand which would block the pores in the bark. This is best achieved by using a specially designed Christmas tree stand. Many precious hours can be wasted trying to make a Christmas Tree stand up straight in an ordinary bucket using just bricks or stones! All stands are not created equal, and we strongly recommend the Cinco stands which can be used on trees up to 12ft tall. 

Then keep on watering it!

Keep the Christmas tree stand topped up with water. Your Christmas tree may drink 2-3 pints (1-2 litres) of water per day, depending on its size and your central heating settings. This is very important as once the water level drops below the tree’s trunk, sap will re-seal the bark within a few hours, preventing the tree from drinking any further water even if you then re-fill the Christmas tree stand. 
Also be aware that dogs often favour the tree stand as a convenient watering hole.

Be Aware that these trees are natural living things, and once they are cut they begin to die, sad as this is apart from artificial trees we are still without a solution to this simple fact of life. Time the arrival of your Christmas tree with this in mind to increase longevity and get the most out of it

Returns and Exchanges

If you are unhappy with your tree we advise you to let us know as soon as possible. If you contact us within 48 hours of taking delivery of your tree (and there is a genuine issue) we will endeavour to replace the tree at the next available delivery slot 

Returns – Trees cannot be returned or refunded except in accordance with your legal rights, for example if they are faulty or damaged.